Member Profile – Len Reeves

When Len Reeves, a Varsity resident, walks into his community centre, everyone snaps to attention. This 84 year old mild mannered gentleman commands respect and admiration from everyone he comes in contact with. And, for good reason too. Len is committed to improving the lives of seniors not just in his home community, but throughout the six communities that compose the Alliance for Active Aging. He uses email and internet technology to get his message out and never seems to slow down.

Born in St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chatham, Ontario, Len spent most of his life on the family farm. He is the proud father of three and grandfather of eight. Len retired from Imperial Oil on December 31st, 1982 after 37 years service. Every year he writes to Imperial Oil and every year Imperial Oil donates money to Len’s pet project, Varsity Cares.

Len’s volunteer background is so extensive, so unselfish that this writer is humbled. Mr. Reeves was:

    • A volunteer with the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteers from 1942 to 1945
    • The Treasurer of Varsity Acres Church from 1982 to 1999.
    • A lecturer to schools on Armistice Day giving talks on Navy veterans and experiences in the North Atlantic D-Day.
    • A key player in the publishing of a book called “Love and Joy”, the 30 year history of his church.
    • Active in going to schools to show slides of the Canadian Arctic to children and seniors groups.

The Charter Chairperson of Varsity Cares, a group of seniors in Varsity that meets twice a month. Len still sets up the agendas, organizes guest speakers, has run two conferences and supplies the cookies every month.

  • The recipient of the 2005 Centennial Medal, Alberta’s highest volunteer award.
  • And still is a member of Calgary’s Senior’s Police Advisory Committee.
  • The head of a retired men’s club at his church for 18 years.
  • And still drives the elderly to church every Sunday, visits the sick at home or in the hospital.
  • A volunteer with the University of Calgary in their Social Work Faculty.
  • A member of the federal government’s Seniors’ Advisory Council that meet via closed circuit telecast.
  • Still writes an article for the Varsity Newsletter every month now since 2004 and recently his articles have become part of the Alliance for Active Aging newsletters.

Len Reeves is an inspiration to people of all ages. He is a model of how retirement just doesn’t have to be a time to slow down, but rather enrich the world around you. Thank you Len, the rest of us will try to keep up with you as we strive to follow your example.