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Triple A Membership is FREE providing you are 55 or older and have a valid membership in one of the six member community associations.  The member CA’s are: Dalhousie, Edgemont, Montgomery, Scenic Acres, Silver Springs and Varsity Community Associations.

To purchase your CA membership please contact either the community association where you live, or the closest one to you.  Below are the web site URL’s, telephone numbers and e-mails for each of the six member community associations.

Dalhousie CA –
Tel:403-286-2555 E-mail:

Edgemont CA –
Tel:  403-239-1211 E-mail:

Montgomery CA –
Tel:  403-247-3116 E-mail:

Scenic Acres CA –
Tel: 403.547.9589  E-mail:

Silver Springs CA –
Tel:  403-288-2616 E-mail:

Varsity CA –
Tel: 403-288-9001 E-mail: